AN ANGRY radio DJ resigned from Brunel FM after he claimed he was not paid for seven weeks.

Disgruntled Dan Chisholm, 50, left the station last week amid accusations he is owed nearly £3,000 in salary and expenses.

The breakfast show presenter, who has been at Brunel FM for 18 months, said he had been assured the matter would be settled by bosses on three separate occasions.

Since the station was taken over by Laser Broadcasting on July 1, Dan, from Faringdon, has not received any payments towards his freelance contract.

“I should have been paid but I haven’t seen it,” said Dan, who has 30 years’ experience in the industry.

“Despite repeated assurances that the payment was being processed, I have yet to receive any money.

“The station owes me a considerable amount – including outstanding expenses from as far back as June. “The new owners had told me that I would not be part of the new station schedule, nevertheless I agreed to stay on until the end of August while the new line-up was being finalised.

“However, due to the repeated non-payment of salary, I decided to terminate that agreement immediately.

“It’s with a deeply heavy heart that I left and it goes against every principle I have.

“It’s a deeply sad and sorry affair. I just want it to come to an end.

“I had given them the deadline of Friday last week but nothing has changed.

“I know there have been administrative problems.

“That was over counter signing and other paperwork.

“I thought that would have been sorted out by now.

“I don’t want to be perceived as someone making trouble. I just haven’t been paid on time.

“I rang the radio station and said I wouldn’t be in on the Monday this week as I had no confidence that the payments would come through.

“I was contracted as a freelancer up to the end of the month but I wanted to go into the studio and be as professional as I could.”

Dan will now assess where his future lies.

“I’ve had a good career and will look to the future,” he added.

Laser Broadcasting declined to comment.