A BOOB job paid for by strangers around the world will finally allow a Swindon woman to live her dream.

Louise Aldridge, from Shrivenham Road, was desperate to have her breasts enlarged.

But she thought her hopes were dashed when a bank loan for the procedure fell through.

Then the mum-of-three found a website where men could donate money towards her operation.

She read about the site in a woman’s magazine and could not believe it was real.

But she signed up and after two months of chatting and blogging online at myfreeimplants.com the 25-year-old single full-time mum has reached her target of £4,000.

Money has flooded in from places as far away as New Zealand, America, Germany, and even from British army troops stationed in Iraq.

She is only the second woman in the UK to accomplish the feat and now hopes to go from a size 32B to a 32EE.

The money will now be wired from the website to her surgeon in London where she will be operated on next month.

“I couldn’t believe this website was for real before I logged on,” said 5ft tall Louise.

“I created a profile for myself and within minutes I had been given $20 to welcome me to the site.

“I started to go on every day, from about 7pm chatting to guys and blogging about my life.

“You don’t put topless pictures on there, although you can send them out – but that is up to the individual girl.

“I started to get more and more donations and I realised it might be possible.

“Last week I just needed $800 – and I managed to get it in seven hours.”

For Louise the procedure is about feeling more like a woman.

“I’ve wanted to have bigger breasts since I was 14 as they never really grew from that age,” she said.

“I now want to feel more feminine and sexy after nearly 10 years of motherhood.

“I’ve had a decade of being small.

“Now I want the next 10 years to feel more like a woman.

“This website really is a dream maker and I would encourage all women out there to have a look at the site.”

Louise says she would do glamour modelling if she was given offers but would not pose nude.

She is supported by her family, including mum Debbie.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” said Louise.

“I don’t see it as prostituting your body.

“Many of the people who donated didn’t even see my picture.

“I’ve made some good friends online. I feel nervous about the operation but excited at the same time.”

After the operation she will pose again for the website to complete her before and after look.

She has also set up her own Facebook page online under the heading: Would you consider free breast implants?

There are more than 350 women signed up to www.myfreeimplants.com l Comment: Page 12