YOUTHS were given the all-clear to cover hoardings in the Railway Village with street art.

They created a modern design surrounding building work on Swindon’s new youth centre, Platform.

Swindon Council decided to let young people from the group Youth First decorate the building rather than leave it open to a potential attack of vandalism.

“It’s a remarkable piece of artwork,” said Coun Garry Perkins, cabinet member for children services. “There is a difference between graffiti and street art. I haven’t heard any complaints about this art. It lightens up the area.

“And now the talented artists are looking for other areas to show their work. It really is very high quality work.”

The new youth centre will be housed in the former railway museum. Young people have chosen Platform as the name of the centre, which will have a stage, theatre and restaurant.

Every aspect of the new building is being decided in close consultation with young people from Swindon and the surrounding area.

Fifteen-year-old Stefan Fisher helped with the design.

He said: “I use the youth centre in Walcot and saw a flyer about the project. Although I’m not great at art, I thought this would be an opportunity to improve my artistic view.

“We’ve been planning the design for months and I’m really pleased with the final result. It was good to be part of the project and I will definitely be going to see Platform when it opens.”

Kyle Riggot, 17, of Old Town, who also took part, said: “I thought it was a great experience. I would love to do it again. I would like to see more things like this happening in the town.”

Platform is expected to cost £1m and will be open by Easter. The refurbishment will include a new wooden floor, alcohol-free bar, al fresco café, offices and toilets. The grand entrance to the museum will be restored to reflect its original design.