THEY are the hunters of the domestic pet world, prowling through backyards and gardens for their prey.

But rodents and birds are not the favourite kill of one Swindon puss.

Two-year-old black cat Frankie likes quarry which doesn’t move or even make a sound.

In the last year alone, Frankie has brought 35 animal toys back to his Cheney Manor Road home and his perplexed owner Julie Bishop is keen to find out where her moggy is picking up all his hunting trophies.

“He’s been going out of the house and coming back with all these toys,” said mum-of-two Julie.

“Frankie looks very pleased with himself when he comes in with these presents.

“Sometimes he goes out and 10 minutes later he’s back with something.

“They’re all soft toys for cats I think, although I could be wrong. About 15 of them are all the same leopard.

“He doesn’t really play with them. He dumps them down and goes out looking for something else.

“I counted at least 35 toys from the past year and we still have the rest of December to go yet.”

Julie says she is keen to get to the bottom of the puzzle so she can return the toys to their rightful owner.

She said: “It’s a complete mystery where these toys are coming from. I’d be interested to find out what’s happening when he goes out.

“Frankie is quite independent and comes in and out of the cat flap all through the day and night.

“He’s quite a friendly cat and likes to sleep on your shoulder, although he lets you know if he wants to be on his own.”

Julie, 51, found Frankie liked to bring presents home from a young age when he started to venture outside.

Just two weeks ago he got hold of two green witches ‘heads, which must have come from a recent Halloween party.

Julie has already put up notices in her local shop and asked neighbours if they lost any of the toys, but so far she has drawn a blank.

Toys are not the only thing he’s brought home. Other items he’s found are socks, nappy sacks and beefburgers and chips.

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