STAFF at Brunel FM are seeking an investigation into the takeover of the radio station that could leave them out of pocket.

A handful of former staff members at the station, based in Wootton Bassett, insist they have not been paid and are now campaigning under the action group Radio Ga Ga.

They say they have yet to receive outstanding back pay from before October 15, which has now been delayed by the administrator Begbies Traynor.

The group have now written to both Swindon MPs, OFCOM and other interested parties outlining their case.

Insolvency firm Begbies Traynor took over the running of the station from Laser Broadcasting before new owners South West Radio Limited purchased Brunel FM at the end of October.

“When Laser Broadcasting bought Brunel FM, the decision was taken to transfer all pay as you earn from Brunel FM Ltd to Laser Broadcasting,” said former breakfast DJ Dan Chisholm.

“However, when the company went into administration, this process had not been completed.

“As a result, the administrator is unable to clearly identify who is with Laser and who is with Brunel FM.

“Former staff now have to establish two points in order to make the appropriate claim.

“These are that anyone on Laser’s books will have to claim from the Government and anyone on Brunel FM’s books will be paid by South West Radio.

“If a claim is disputed, it will have to go through the legal channels.

“It’s a mess and quite an exceptional situation. It’s hard to establish who has responsibility for this debt.”

Former Brunel FM journalist Jim Pesey says he is owed £990 in pay stretching back to the middle of October.

He said: “I’ve been at the station for the last two and a half years but took voluntary redundancy.

“I’m still owed this redundancy money and until I can clarify who my contract is with, I won’t be able to claim it back.”

Andrew Haslam Begbies Traynor, based in Newcastle, said: “If an employee is unsure of their claim situation they should contact us.

“We can issue them with their claim form and we can then refer them to the redundancy payments service.”