SWINDON shoppers were given tips on how to remain safe throughout the festive period.

A stand outside Debenhams, run by the crime reduction partnership, addressed safety issues such as drink and drug awareness, how to avoid car or purse thefts and safe driving from the Highways Agency.

Part of the event was even aimed at children.

Also on offer to the public were personal alarms, purse alarms and safety advice information packs.

Richard Palusinki, head of community safety for the Swindon Community Safety Partnership, said: “To be brutal about it this is the time of year when people carry a lot of cash on them because they’re going Christmas shopping and because they have got a lot on their mind they don’t think about their purse.”

The event was marred by the weather conditions, which kept both the fire service and police too busy to attend.

“The response has been great,” said Mr Palusinki.

“We’re getting the message out there. Swindon is a pretty safe place anyway, but what we’re trying to do is make people feel it’s safe.”

On Saturday evening the team also spread its message on domestic violence to club goers in their late teens and early twenties.

Mr Palusinki said that in 40 per cent of domestic violence incidents one partner has been drinking and that the festive period can be difficult.