A BICYCLE enthusiast is gearing up for a first-ride on the 96-speed bike he spent 10-years perfecting.

Alex Morton, a student working towards his software engineer degree, from the town centre, says he has fitted his factory purchased mountain bike with eight gears on the rear wheel, four gears on the front and three gears in the hub of the rear wheel.

The bike’s inaugural ride will come eight years after Alex was featured in the Advertiser twice for designing a 75 speed racer and then a 90-speed bike.

The 35-year-old said: “This is my hobby. It all started years ago when I did work experience at a bike shop. From there it has turned into a passion really.

“I ride my bike everywhere. I don’t have a car so making specialist parts and having a unique bike is beneficial for me too – it makes my ride simpler.

“I love making parts that no one else has and that I have crafted myself.

“I have had a bike since I was 10-years-old – I can’t seem to get it out of my system.”

Alex says he gets most of his parts from eBay and is currently considering building a website and offering his services to the people of Swindon and beyond.

The father-of-four added: “It would be perfect if I could make my passion my work, then I would be able to do what I love at all times.

“It is not something that many people can do – you need to know a lot about repairs, putting things together as well as have some sort of engineering skill.”

After building his 90-gear bike Alex said he clocked up to 53.9mph while riding down the A419 and said he often was forced to overtake mopeds.

Alex checked the Guinness Book of World Records and found there is currently a man with more than 1000 gears on one bike.

Anyone who would like to have their bike repaired by Alex or retro-fitted with extra gears is asked to email him on atv108std@live.co.uk.