A petition of 1,335 names in favour of saving Old Town Library has failed to impress Cabinet who have confessed that their minds were fully made up to close it as far back as December 2007.

In spite of councillors exhortations to residents to Use It or Lose It, what they really meant was 'Use it and Lose It'.  "Do they realise that the public do not like being treated as simpletons?" asks campaigner, Shirley Burnham, "But that is water under the bridge now.  "We do have long memories though and are reluctant to vote again for people who cannot say what they mean and mean what they say."

Cabinet's last minute decision to add two further libraries to the closure list might suggest a lack of proper analysis and indicates more than a slight hint of panic. Again, perhaps not a boost to residents' confidence in their representatives.

"Residents of South Swindon and users of Old Town Library were encouraged when Conservative councillors in the Wirral opposed swingeing cuts to their library network, only to realise on Wednesday that all Conservatives do not sing from the same song-sheet," adds Shirley.

Wirral Tories have promised to reinstate all 11 libraries to be closed by a council dominated by Labour and the Lib Dems, if people elect them in forthcoming by-elections.  "We can only hope that at this very late stage our Conservatives will sing along with them," she adds.

Failing that, campaigners propose to request the Secretary of State, Andy Burnham, to intervene, using his powers under the 1964 Libraries Act, in favour of all 4 libraries awaiting the chop.  For more information about the Save Old Town Library Campaign, which is not accepting defeat, please visit www.friendsofoldtownlibrary.co.uk (view in Explorer).