SUPPORTERS of services facing the chop in Swindon Council’s budget have hit out at councillors.

Monday night’s meeting saw councillors approve the Tory administration’s budget, which set the council tax rise at 3.5 per cent but will mean cuts in the libraries’ budget, funding to Swindon Dance and the temporary closure of the Groundwell Park and Ride.

June Webb, the treasurer of Even Swindon Community Centre, said any move to close the library there would be a huge blow to residents.

She said: “I think what they have decided is a disgrace. The library is a lifeline for people in Rodbourne.

“There are a lot of older and disabled people in Rodbourne who can’t easily get into the town centre.

“I am disabled and so is my husband and we can’t get into the town, and my husband is an avid reader.

“I always thought that when you elected a councillor they were supposed to represent the people. Who are they representing except themselves?

“We have got nothing in Rodbourne and now they want to take away the only thing we have got. People are really angry about what they are planning.”

The park and ride service at Groundwell is also facing the prospect of being mothballed, although councillors have agreed to work with campaigners to see if there are any other alternatives.

Sara Spinks, founder of the Save the Park and Ride Kampaign (Spark), said: “I was disappointed with the level of debate at the meeting. We always knew that because of the majority the Conservatives have the decision was going to go through.

“But I thought the structure of the meeting was appalling. We were only given a very short time for public questions and from then on there was no chance to comment.

“What was interesting from a park and ride point of view was that, whereas originally they were just talking about mothballing the site, now they are saying it has been in the wrong place all along. Where does that leave us?

“But this is not the end of our campaign.

“The last bus is due on May 30 so we will keep fighting until then.”