TWO mysterious crop circles have appeared on ancient burial sites near Swindon.

The crop circles were spotted by Stuart Dike, 40, a crop circle enthusiast.

The first appeared on April 14 just outside Avebury and is a circular shape with concentric rings inside it.

Mr Dike said was about 120ft in diameter and was on an ancient burial ground.

He said: “This crop circle was very consistent with previous ones because they are always associated with ancient sites.

“It provided a very nice start to the season.”

The second one turned up five days later, just down the road from the first one on West Kennet long barrow.

Its appearance is very different from the first and has a ‘pisces’ design in the middle.

Mr Dike believes it is a symbol of Christian forces.

He added: “Both of these circles echo other formations which have appeared in previous years.

“Crop circles are mind-boggling things. I was awestruck by the size and beauty of these two crop circles.

“I think there are Christian forces behind what goes on here.

“The recurrent appearance of crop circles shows people need to move forward with their understanding of them.”

Mr Dike said hundreds of thousands of people turn up to the Avebury area each year to see the crop circles because they are of huge importance all over the world. He said: “Wiltshire appears to be the homeland for these circles.

“Nowhere else in the world has the concentration of them that we do.

“This almost certainly has something to do with the number of ancient sites we have here.”

Mr Dike has made a DVD entitled Crop Circles Hidden Mysteries which can be bought from his website