RADIO 1 DJs have heaped praise on Swindon hosting this year’s Big Weekend, saying it had a special atmosphere compared with other years.

A number of big names have been quick to point out how Lydiard Park is the perfect venue for a festival of this size.

Scott Mills, who presents his Radio 1 show from 4pm until 7pm on week nights, was delighted to be in the town.

He said: “There’s a really good vibe about the place. Last year was good in Maidstone but it was super hot, almost too hot for a festival.

“This year it’s just right actually - quite sunny and the crowd are really nice.

“Swindon is one of these places where it’s not far from Bristol, not far from London, but to get everything in one place for free in an event like this people are be happy to be here.

“The chances of getting a ticket are quite slim, so the people who are here are really up for it and made a whole weekend of it.

“Thank you to everyone in Swindon for being so lovely and welcoming Radio 1 so nicely with open arms.”

Sara Cox agreed, saying: “It’s a great vibe in Swindon and the line-up makes it one of the best festivals in the world.

“It has that little bit of magic and musically there is something for everyone.”

Scottish presenter Edith Bowman, 34, thinks the town should feel proud to host a flagship event and that Lydiard Park was a great choice.

“I’ve got my bearings - I know the site pretty well. I know how far it is to run from the Introducing stage to the In New Music We Trust stage,” she joked.

“One of the best things about he festival is the size of it. It’s easy to get around, it isn’t too big. If we made it any bigger it would lose that little spark it has of being nice and intimate.

“It’s nice to chat to people to see how far they’ve come and it’s nice that out of the 10 people I spoke to eight of them were from Swindon.

“It’s drawing the spotlight on the town. One Big Weekend is really bigging up Swindon.”

DJ Pete Tong thought Swindon was a great setting for a festival of music.

He said: “Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly and it’s nice with the whole concept of Radio 1 everyone is so happy that it’s here.

“That was reflected from the moment we arrived in town, from the person who checks you in at the hotel to the crowd.”

The people’s favourite Vernon Kaye added: “Radio 1 brings all these artists to different towns and cities across the country and it could have given away at least five times as many tickets than it has because it’s so popular.

“We just have fun, that’s all we want to do. We want to entertain people.”