RECYCLING frustrations will be eased by Swindon Council’s new scheme to collect all mixed plastics.

The move is in response to residents’ irritation that only plastic bottles can be collected as part of the council’s recycling process.

But from July 1 yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, take-away containers and much more can all be bagged up for the council to collect.

Coun Fionuala Foley, whose portfolio includes waste management, said: “This is very exciting news as it’s something that people have been asking for. A lot of people have been asking why they can recycle plastic bottles but all the rest has to go in their normal rubbish.

“When you think of all the packaging that comes with shopping these days you can imagine that it’s going to have quite an impact both on households and on the amount of rubbish we are taking to landfill sites. It’s a shame that we just missed Easter but I’m sure people will notice a big difference.”

The only plastic that cannot be collected under the new scheme is black plastic because it cannot be separated from other colours by the waste processors the rubbish is sent to.

If any black plastic is included it will contaminate the load.

Residents are asked to put their mixed plastics into clear or white plastic sacks which can be bought at supermarkets.

They can also use the council’s clear bags for plastic bottles, although no more will be delivered.

The new collection will be on the same day as residents’ wheelie bin collections. For those on weekly blue bag collections it will be the same day as the green waste and plastic bottle collections Jackie Moyles, head of Street Smart, said: “This will help us reduce the amount of rubbish we are sending to landfill and will make it a lot easier for people to recycle.

“We are well on our way to our promise of recycling 50 per cent of waste by next year. Last year we got to 44 per cent and I’m sure this new service will help us meet that target.”

Coun Foley said other additions to the recycling service, including a bin for food waste, had been discussed but there were not any plans to introduce them at the moment. For more information go to