ADVER readers have backed Honda’s decision to spend £250,000 on advertising despite the company asking workers to take a pay cut.

The Japanese company has been running a week-long marketing campaign, including large colour adverts in national newspapers.

The campaign was designed to increase awareness that Honda’s South Marston plant has re-opened following a four-month shutdown.

Yesterday’s advert on page nine of The Times read: ‘3,400 crisp white uniforms, Laundered, ironed and delivered, Ready to be worn by engineers.’ An online Adver poll conducted yesterday revealed 57 per cent of readers supported the campaign while 43 per cent disapproved.

Chowmai, from Swindon, said: “You have to speculate to accumulate.

“Honda could have the most economic, efficient car and manufacturing process in the world but unless the world gets told, nobody knows and nobody buys.”

Al Smith, from Swindon, said:” Sadly I fear Honda won’t benefit a great deal from the advert or the scrappage scheme.”

In February the car manufacturer suspended production due to a drop in demand.

About 1,400 workers took voluntary redudancy in the move, while the majority of those who stayed have since accepted a three per cent pay cut.

Further adverts will run tomorrow in the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday.