WHEN Dafydd Rouse crashed his motorcycle four years ago, it left him unable to continue his love for art, prose and pottery.

But, rather than let his years of hard work and talent go to waste, Dafydd’s devoted sister Margaret Bradbury has decided to sell her brain-injured brother’s wares, raising money for brain injury charity Headway.

Margaret, from Thresher Drive, Groundwell West, north Swindon, said: “Dafydd is a talented and creative man but when he had his accident he was left with little useful movement.

“His gifts were always handcrafted creations, I have many at home, as do many of his family and friends.

“But so much of his work is stored in my garage when it should really be enjoyed in people’s homes.

“I know that’s something he’d like and that other people would enjoy looking at.”

Margaret, will hold the sale at the Headway Unit, in Headlands Grove, on July 11 from 10am until 4pm.

Dafydd’s accident wasn’t the first time tragedy had hit his family.

Margaret lost her 17-year-old daughter Beth in a car accident in Foxfield, Staffordshire, 18 years ago and says that her brother’s prose was of great comfort to her.

“I felt I could really speak to Dafydd about Beth’s loss and what I got back was beautiful. He put into words emotions that I couldn’t have even conveyed on paper,” she said.

It’s for this reason that Margaret will also be selling passages of Dafydd’s written work to anyone who would like one.

Dafydd, 60, was moved from his home in Barnet, North London to Ash Grove Nursing Home, in Purton, after rehabilitation therapy in 2006 and continues to receive care and support from the Headway charity.

Headway has been supporting adults with traumatic and acquired brain injury, their families and carers since 1989.

Through Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy – re-learning the cognitive skills lost or altered through injury – and social rehabilitation Headway tries to help people live as independent a life as possible.

“It’s a wonderful service,” said Margaret. “They’ve supported Dafydd and myself through so much and I think it would be nice to give something back through Dafydd’s art.”

To find out more about Headway contact 01793 436908, email info@headwayswindon.org.uk or visit the website at www.headwayswindon.org.uk.