STATE-of-the-art home security products are being introduced across the borough to tackle domestic burglary.

The Swindon Community Safety Partnership is issuing the latest forensic identification systems to residents to increase the chance of catching thieves.

Currently there are an average of 20 burglaries each week in the town, as more people go on their summer holidays and leave homes unoccupied.

The home security equipment includes Selecta DNA, which is a marking device used to identify stolen goods.

It is invisible to the naked eye but it contains a unique code that links thieves to crime scenes.

The code is contained in a glue-like paste and cannot be detected by a thief, but can be picked up by the police using a specially-designed ultraviolet torch.

Chief Inspector Mike Jones, of Swindon Police, said: “The best way to protect property is to make it less attractive to a thief by ensuring that you are easily identified as the owner.

“There are a number of ways for people to mark, register and protect their property.

“The simplest way is to use a UV marker pen to write the postcode and house number or name on property.”

Another device is the SmartWater marking system, also invisible to the thief but, police say, it links thieves to crime scenes.

Attached by householders to their property, the device sprays thieves with a substance that is difficult to remove and which can be detected at custody suites in Swindon.

The police say thousands of people from SN postcodes have already signed up to the free property register called Immobilise.

It’s a national register that has enabled the police to recover and return thousands of items of stolen property to their rightful owners.

Richard Palusinski, head of the Community Safety Partnership, said: “Effective property marking has reduced burglaries in other areas by up to 85 percent.

“Goods are less attractive to thieves if they can be easily identified.”

People can find out more about these products by visiting the Swindon Community Safety Partnership crime clinics, which are being held across the borough this week.

The roadshow will visit the Asda Wal-Mart store in West Swindon today and be in the Wood Street area of Old Town tomorrow between 5pm and 7pm.

The partnership will be near the Millennium Clock in the town centre on Saturday from 10am to 4pm. The Safer Homes Week will also be the subject of radio debate.

Community radio station Swindon 105.5FM will be focusing on the issue during its weekday morning programme between 9am and 10am, with a programme on Drive at 5.40pm.

The community safety partnership’s burglary initiative will also be discussed on BBC Radio Wiltshire during their breakfast shows hosted by Chris Warburton between 6am and 9am each day. To register your property for the national Immobilise scheme, log on to