EIGHT out of ten of Pinehurst residents feel safe where they live, according to the results of a police questionnaire.

Officers surveyed people living in the Tree Courts area following a three month long crackdown on crime and antisocial behaviour.

More than 50 questionnaires concerning crime issues were sent to homes in the area and 84% people who responded said they felt safe where they lived.

Seventy six per cent of residents felt police had made a difference since the crackdown began in April while 47% of people said they felt antisocial behaviour had decreased as a result of the police operation, although 39% felt it had increased.

Thirteen per cent of people felt anti-social behaviour levels had remained the same.

Residents were also asked if they were happy with the multi games use area, which opened in July.

Of those who responded, 63% cent of people said ‘Yes’, 26% said ‘No’, while 11% replied “Unaware”.

Inspector Pete Chamberlain, former Pinehurst sector commander, said he thought the survey showed officers’ hard work was making a difference in the neighbourhood.

He said: “We have sustained the levels of staff in the area and I hope it shows that the police don’t plan to stick a toe in and run. We plan to keep anti-social behaviour and crime low in Pinehurst.

“The intelligence we are receiving is healthy and people are responding to our presence.

“I think the success is down to the fact that it is not only police working in Pinehurst it is also Swindon Council and its housing department.”

Insp Chamberlain said 38 out of the 55 surveys sent out were returned to police.

The manager of Liquor World, in Whitebeam Court, said he had noticed a marked improvement throughout the Tree Courts area since the operation began.

TJ Gill, 29, said: “I think things have definitely quietened down around here.

“I think the youth have more to do since the introduction of the games area.

“It has been a combination of things. Police have been cracking down and I also think parents are being encouraged to pick-up their game in terms of looking after their kids.”

Insp Chamberlain said the force was still trying to assist in the creation of a residents’ association. Anyone interested in volunteering has been asked to ring Inspector Adrian Burt on 0845 408 7000.