A FILM buff from Swindon is expected to sell his £1m collection of movie memorabilia.

Luke Kaye, 42, who runs Skywalkers fancy dress shop in Faringdon Road, Kinsghill, was reported to be selling his stash of props and posters as he no longer has room to store them.

Luke has a selection of items used in the first three Star Wars films, The Matrix and Battlestar Galactica.

He also owns a Kitt car from the 1980s series Knight Rider and the original mask worn by lead character Leatherface in 1974 horror flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He told a national newspaper: “I’m paying a fortune to rent storage units and other properties to keep it all in and it has to stop.

“I would love the collection to go to someone who had as much passion as me for this kind of thing.

“I also collect autographs and I will definitely hold on to those. At least they don’t take up too much space.”

The father-of-four amassed his collection over 26 years but it has become too big for his home, another rented house and two storage units.

He began collecting when he took over his father’s mobile disco business at the age of 16.

Part of the business saw Luke dress up in a Star Wars stormtrooper outfit.

Other Star Wars memorabilia owned by Luke includes a full-size moving model of Jabba the Hut, and two outfits worn by Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill in the first two films.

He also owns an R2D2 robot and an original lightsabre from The Empire Strikes Back.

In 2007 Luke met Mr Hamill at London’s Excel centre.

He said at the time: “It was absolutely amazing to meet the guy I’ve been wanting to meet for 30 years.”

A year earlier Luke gathered together the largest ever collection of original Star Wars cast members at the Marriott Hotel in Swindon for a reunion.

In total 27 cast members attended, including David Prowse, who played Darth Vader, Mark Austin, who played Bobba Fett and Paul Blake, who played bounty hunter Greedo.