TOWN centre residents have hit out at plans to build a 118-bedroom hotel near Swindon Railway Station.

The neighbours fear the proposed Hilton “Hampton” Hotel, which could replace the former central laundry on Aylesbury Street, would increase problems with prostitutes in the area.

Residents are also worried about parking at the site and the possibility of the six-storey building being used as a bail hostel if the hotel fails.

Karen Leakey, of Broadgreen Community Council, said: “This is a residents’ area not commercial. People don’t want to see another hotel.

“People are concerned about the effect on the residents of people coming and going at all hours of the day.

“Some businessmen visit prostitutes in that area and we are worried about the effect of having more businessmen staying in a hotel there.

“This could undo all the good work the police have done.”

Mrs Leakey said she was also worried about what could happen to the building if the hotel failed. She said: “We don’t want to see a bail hostel put in its place if the hotel isn’t a success.”

Transport could also be a problem, according to Mrs Leakey. She said: “Where are people going to park? This is a 118-bedroom hotel with 14 car parking spaces for guests.

“We are also concerned that because of the layout if anyone arrives by bus they will be stepping out straight into the road. It doesn’t seem to have been thought through.”

Derek Sutton, a Salisbury Street resident, said: “There are already too many hotels in the town,” he said.

“What we need is accommodation, not hotels. Any development in that area would have to be in keeping with what is already there. Most of the applications that come in for that area seem to be an astronomical height.”

An application for the hotel has been submitted to Swindon Council and is due to be determined by Sunday, September 20.

A previous application for a block of 66 apartments at the same site was also opposed by local people concerned the building was too tall and that neighbours would be overlooked.

Hilton spokesman Jules Kerby said: “It is too early for us to make a comment on anything surrounding this potential site.”