AN autistic Swindon boy has become an internet hit thanks to his series of online games.

Jack Booth, 11, of Beech Avenue, Pinehurst, has created scores of games to challenge players around the world – including City Of The Dead, which no player has managed to complete in over 2,000 attempts.

Now Jack hopes his achievements will help to challenge perceptions of autism.

“I would like to show people they shouldn’t be scared to be friends with me,” said Jack.

The Swindon Academy pupil was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) three years ago.

He has always struggled to make friends, according to his mum Tracey.

“The other children think he’s weird because all he wants to do is learn,” she said.

“He has told me that some of the children thought they could catch ASD from him.

“There is definitely not enough understanding about autism – from children and adults.

“I used to apologise for the way he was but now I don’t – why should I?

“He’s a joy to have as a son and I’m very proud of him.”

Jack has been advanced from a very early age and Tracey has always been keen to support his twin passions of technology and cars.

The Ferrari-obsessed youngster has already passed his driving theory test – at the age of nine – and has become an online sensation with his games.

He said: “I can create them in about half an hour. For some people it can take them days. People from all over the world have played them.

“I think the fact that I am very organised and I can focus very clearly on things is one of the reasons that I’m good at making the games.”

Jack’s latest game has already outfoxed seasoned gamers across cyberspace and he is keen to accept challenges from Adver readers.

“It’s designed so there’s so much going on that it’s a real challenge – even for people who are really good at these games,” he said.

“I’d like to see if anyone can ever complete it.”

Anyone who would like take on the role of Steven Laver and tackle the treacherous City Of The Dead can go to games/members/ferrarif50 man.

Jack’s other games include Defeat the Swine Flu and Death Mountain.

He is now hoping to enlarge his online empire by setting up his own website featuring games, blogs and videos.