AN autistic Swindon boy who had his bike stolen has been reunited with his treasured possession.

Jack Booth, 11, of Beech Avenue, Pinehurst, lost his orange Diamondback mountain bike at Clive Parade at about 3.15pm on Thursday.

The Swindon Academy school pupil, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder three years ago, used the bike every day and was devastated it had gone missing.

Now Jack has the bike back after his mother’s friend spotted it being ridden by another boy near The Circle in Pinehurst.

“I’m glad to get it back,” said Jack. “The bike is my life.

“I use it to get to and from school and ride it everywhere.”

Jack, who has created a number of online games to challenge players around the world, said he was glad his £97 bike is back at home as it is of sentimental value.

He said the bike was bought as a present by his grandfather David Parker, 68, of Ermin Street, in Stratton, last year.

Jack’s mother Tracey, 47, said: “The bike was in mint condition when it was taken. My friend spotted it in Whitworth Road as it’s so recognisable.

“She followed the teenager on Friday night and I left straight away and went down there.

“He said he’d bought it from another boy for £20.

“In his defence he wasn’t aggressive and didn’t give me any attitude.

“He didn’t run off and waited till police arrived. He was genuinely a nice lad.”

Mother-of-four Tracey said she was just glad the bike was back with its rightful owner.

“There’s no way I could have afforded to replace it,” she said.

“I don’t earn enough money from my job to do that.

“As Jack has ASD I’m always at home with him so money is limited.

“Jack uses it a lot and it’s of sentimental value too so he’s a lot happier now it sorted out.”

Tracey said Jack is very advanced for someone so young and she has always been keen to support his love of technology and cars.

He loves Ferrari cars and passed his driving theory test at the age of just nine.