DISABLED passengers will struggle to use new low-floor buses in Penhill because of the layout of the roads, according a local councillor.

Coun David Glaholm (Indpt, Penhill) said buses are often unable to fit into bus stops and struggle with the high kerbs in the area.

However, a representative from a disabled charity said he cannot understand Coun Glaholm’s concerns and that new low-floor buses are a step forward for disabled travel in Swindon.

Coun Glaholm called officers from Swindon Council and Thamesdown Transport to inspect the situation in Penhill Drive earlier this week.

He said: “It was helpful for them to see the situation in Penhill and the problems the disabled face in getting the bus.

“What I want the council to do is allow the buses to stop in Penhill Drive without pulling into the bus stop because they are not able to pull in square.

“There are also problems with the buses scraping against the high kerbs and not being able to get close to the bus stop because the wing mirrors get in the way.

“All of this makes it very difficult for disabled people and that’s why I am highlighting it.”

But, according to Joe Backshell, from the Swindon Coalition of Disabled People, the new low-floor buses which Thamesdown Transport is beginning to use, are making a difference for disabled people.

He said: “They are fitted with a ramp which is operated by the driver and corresponds with the kerbs so they do make life easier.”

Mr Backshell said he was not aware of any particular problems for disabled people in Penhill but would be happy to talk to Coun Glaholm about any issues.

Coun Peter Greenhalgh, the cabinet member for transport, said: “What part of ‘we don’t have any money’ does Coun Glaholm not understand?

“As an ex-Labour councillor he should be well aware of the poor level of funding this Government allows Swindon and that we do not have the money to do everything at once.

“Every area of Swindon has its own problems and we are doing our best with the limited funding we have.

“If he would like to write to MPs to press them to lobby the Government on Swindon’s behalf I will be right behind him.”