Mick Abrahams, original guitarist in the legendary folk rock band Jethro Tull, has collapsed with a heart attack.

Mick was due to play in Swindon tonight with his own band but has had to cancel the gig at the 12 Bar in Westcott Place.

His wife, Kate, says he is in a stable condition.

Dave Young, landlord of the 12 Bar, said: “We hope he gets well soon.”

The Luton-born guitarist played with various bands in the 1960s even replacing Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame in Neil Christian’s Crusaders. He also played with Screaming Lord Sutch and then was one of the founder members of Jethro Tull. He played on the album This Was which was a hit in 1968.

This year Mick published his autobiography called What Is A Wommett: The Autobiography of Mick Abrahams which is out now with Apex Publishing Ltd.

The book recalls those heady days of rock ‘n’ roll right from his school days through to his rise to fame with Jethro Tull and beyond.

Mick quit the music business for a few years all together but came back in the 1990s with a vengeance.

In the last few years he has played solo and with his own band. He has also joined Jethro Tull reunion concerts proving that the bad blood between the heavyweight musicians was nothing more than musical differences and directions.

Anyone who has purchased tickets for tonight’s gig will get a full refund from the place of purchase. For more information call 01793 535713.