FOUR Anti-social Behaviour Orders have been issued in quick succession by magistrates to those who committed anti-social behaviour offences in Swindon.

One was given to Ian Pounds, pictured, of the Amethyst Guest House, Sheppard Street,.

The 39-year old was charged with theft from skips and causing harassment and distress to others in the town centre by aggressive selling and begging on a number of occasions between January and November.

The Asbo bans Pounds from entering or being in the town centre, approaching anyone, other than relatives or personal friends, to sell goods anywhere in the borough of Swindon.

It also prevents him approaching anyone other than relatives or personal friends, to beg anywhere in the borough of Swindon.

Cheri Wright, the anti-social behaviour manager for the Community Safety Partnership, said: “We will not tolerate people engaging in anti-social behaviour in our communities.

“These Asbos clearly show the Community Safety Partnership’s commitment to tackling these issues to keep Swindon safe.”

Swindon Magistrates’ Court also gave a full Asbo to a 30-year old man for the harassment of a 20-year-old Stratton woman and her family after a trial on Tuesday, December 8.

The two-year Asbo, which runs until December 2011, prevents Jan Gleed, of Meadowcroft Road, Stratton St Margaret, from approaching, contacting or intimidating the victim, her parents and siblings living at the family home, either at their place of residence or in any street or public place in the borough.

Two interim Asbos have also been obtained by the Community Safety Partnership’s Anti-social Behaviour Unit.

On December 4 Swindon Magistrates’ Court issued an interim Asbo to a 35-year old man following reports of anti-social behaviour to both the police and the council on the Penhill estate The interim Asbo bans this person from entering a specific address and an area of Penhill.

An 18-year old man was also given an interim Asbo on December 4banning him from entering most of the Penhill estate, This was two days after he had been released from prison.

This person had originally been issued with a full Asbo, banning him from entering Lower Penhill or from riding a motorcycle anywhere in the Penhill Estate.

This ended in August while the offender was still in prison.

His next hearing will be at Swindon Magistrates’ Court on March 2, 2010.

If the public are aware of any Asbos being broken, they are urged to call police on 0845 408 7000.