Companies in Swindon were generally hit by the adverse weather but the situation is not as bad as it would have been 20 years ago.

Because the town is hi-tech based, many employees can work from home like the National Trust, who have more than 500 people employed here in Swindon.

“We were well prepared for the weather,” said Jane Travis, press and public relations manager.

“People took lap tops home last night in anticipation of the severe weather and people are working at home today.

"At Heelis House (the National Trust HQ adjacent to the Designer Village) we were able to run a skeleton staff because sufficient people walked in to work.”

But the Designer Outlet Village which at first opened for business this morning had to close its doors before noon because there was not sufficient staff to work in the various shops.

“We thought we might be able to get through the day but as the time went on it was obvious we wouldn’t have enough staff to run the place,” said the centre manager, Tina Cumpstey.

“We made the decision to close. We will look at what’s happening tomorrow and will open again as soon as possible.”

Other than Swindon Borough Council the biggest employer in the town is Nationwide, who employ 4,000 people at their various centres.

They were unable to say just how many people did not make it to work although a number of employees walked in despite how long it took.

“We obviously have difficulties at work with the weather but despite this we have been operating as usual,” said Nationwide spokesman Roy Beale.

“Disruption has been kept to a minimal and a number of people have been able to work from home.”