Album Of The Week:

Neon Wasteland

by Serpico

Out on We Say So Records

Serpico are a rock band through and through with solid vocals and punchy guitar that gallops through the opening track of We Own The Night like lightning. This is their debut single.

Kutura is a melodic rock number with tub thumping drums and cascading guitar. Devil’s Bridge has more of a heavy metal feel. Conjuring up an army of demons on horseback fleeing through the darkness - as the name suggests.

Last Honest Cops has some beautiful close harmonies in a rock style over thrash guitar. While Godforsaken has some harsh, gritty vocals that grab you by the throat. It is a really powerful number that stops you in your tracks - one of my favourites on the album.

Feeling Minnesota is a modern rock anthem performed with style and panache yet retains the raw excitement of punk. Alkaline Nights has some beautiful imagery with again those stylish rock harmonies. It is pure melody with some blues guitar and machine gun drums. Definitely giving Last Honest Cops a run for its money in my book.

Kings And Queens is a rock number with a pop twist. It has a catchy chorus and the rhythmic rise and fall of the beat is reminiscent of the swell of the ocean.

400 Blows To The Head is a return to the punky, heavy metal style and is a tale about the fear of terrorists, violence and man’s hatred for man. It has an abrupt ending which leaves you feeling a bit stunned.

Modern Holy Trinity is a fast paced rock anthem careering along to an explosive end while Glasseye is a gentler track, more intense, with pretty guitar and soft backing strings. The rock ballad verse suddenly bursts into a thunder chorus and then flows back to the softer side in this touching love story.

Nothingness And Infamy ends the CD as it begins with a no punches pulled, rock your socks off song. - Flicky Harrison