THE Swindon Labour group has published its 2010 manifesto outlining how it could map out a brighter future for the town.

The first draft of the 12-page document covers all aspects of council services, from education and the economy to care services and communities and also publishes the group’s ‘5 Ways, 5 Days’ programme where they pinpoint how they would transform the town in just one working week.

Speaking about the manifesto, leader of the Labour party in Swindon Derique Montaut said: “Swindon needs a council that will stand up for our town and drive us forward, that will deliver jobs and industry for the future, ensure that our young people receive the highest quality of education and that will protect and care for our most vulnerable citizens.

“That is why I am proud to present Labour’s manifesto for the 2010 local elections.

“I firmly believe that the policies we have laid out have the potential to transform our town and our council and put us at the forefront of the new low-carbon economy.

“Labour promise to run a council that asks ‘what can we do?’ to help our town and our people.

“We want to invest in our future to create jobs and help our children achieve their potential. We believe in communities and want to give you a real say in the decisions made in your name.

“We will commit to building new council houses and ensure that the most vulnerable are given care tailored to their individual needs.”

The group’s ‘5 Ways, 5 Days’ sets out how, in just one week, a new Labour council would transform the town.

They would revise the council’s budget and re-prioritise spending; create a Green Industrial Development Board; take control of expenses and hand them to an independent panel; scrap unfinished projects such as the town centre canal and instead focus on redevelopment schemes; and finally ensure that all new developments include registered open spaces to protects the town’s green spaces.

Among other promises made in the manifesto, the group has pledged to bring a university to Swindon, cut the council’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent, never raise council tax above the rate of inflation unless funding is cut, and build new council houses.

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