NORTH Wiltshire District Council is asking people how the area should be developed over the next 20 years.

This is an opportunity for people to express their opinions about issues facing the development of the district's towns and rural areas, and about options for change.

These views will influence what priority the council gives to the protection of the countryside and historic environments, as well as important social and cultural services and economic growth and regeneration.

They will also influence where additional development should go in North Wiltshire.

A Core Strategy: Issues and Options Document' has been written, which people can view and make comments about until April 5.

A feedback form is included within the document itself, or inside leaflets available at all libraries in North Wiltshire.

The main document is also available at libraries in the district or can be obtained free from the Monkton Park council offices in Chippenham.

This sets out the issues and options in more detail and allows people to give their views about some important themes.

The preferred option' will take people's feedback into account and will be published later in the year.

It will replace large parts of the North Wiltshire Local Plan and the Wiltshire and Swindon Structure Plan and will be an important policy document for dealing with planning applications and development issues for the next 20 years.