The three main political parties make a final pitch for your vote

BETTER services, lower council tax and more free car parking spaces would be the perfect recipe for electoral success in Swindon.

They have all been promised by at least a few of the 70 candidates vying for votes across 19 wards in tomorrow's council poll.

Every one of them believes they are the best person to become a councillor and deliver what the people want.

The bulk of the 19 seats are expected to be divided between the ruling Conservatives and opposition Labour and Liberal Democrats groups while the Greens, who are fielding 11 candidates, will be hoping to win their first council seat.

Also standing is the British National Party in Gorse Hill and Pinehurst, the Socialist Unity Party in Gorse Hill and Pinehurst and Western, and three independent candidates.

Conservative leader Mike Bawden said his party was standing on its achievements in power.

"The election is going to be an opportunity for the people of Swindon to endorse what we have done in the past few years," he said.

"We have taken the council from a failing council left to us by the Labour administration to a two-star and soon to be three-star authority.

"It knows where it's going and it knows how it's going to get there."

He said the town would soon see concrete proof the Conservatives could deliver town centre improvements when work starts next month on the long-awaited central library.

He said the party had kept council tax rises to a minimum, with hikes of seven per cent compared to Labour's 42 per cent rise over a three-year period.

Labour leader Kevin Small said his party in Central Government has poured millions of pounds into Swindon.

"As the main opposition to the Tory administration, we have made it our job to hold the Tories to account and to challenge the true blue direction they want to take Swindon," he said.

"We have opposed the Tories' continued attack on local services. While Labour gives free bus passes to OAPs, the Tories take away child half fares and cut local bus services.

"The Tories have made great play about Labour's council tax increases but have they ever offered to give the money back? No.

"This year, they have raised council tax by nearly double the rate of inflation.

"Pay more and get less is their motto.

"If elected, we will endeavour to protect your services and seek to provide more affordable housing and street-cleaning and implement the Respect agenda to tackle anti-social behaviour.

"We will continue the good work that the Government is doing in Swindon and ditch the Tories' current programme of waste."

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Stan Pajak said the Conservatives were unlikely to lose control of the council at the election so it was important to vote for a party that would stand up for residents.

"What we are trying to do is make local politics reflect local people's wishes," he said.

"We have had a lot of times where local people have been ignored, like the Front Garden and Coate.

"We are not the same.

"The Liberal Democrats, if nothing else, are trying to put the people first.

"We want a town centre that is attractive to everybody.

"We want Coate Water protected.

"In an election where the council is unlikely to change it's time to vote for people are for you."