TORY candidate Justin Tomlinson stormed to victory in North Swindon with a massive 7,000 vote lead.

Visibly moved, he took to the podium to rapturous applause after securing more than 22,000 votes and delivered a polished speech.

He said: “I will do everything to be a highly visible, approachable, enthusiastic, positive local MP.

“As I have always promised my campaign has been 100 per cent positive.

“I want to say thank you to the people who have put their trust in me: I won't let you down.

“A piece of advice I would give to all the candidates is even the best take one defeat to get elected.

“I promise to be a local champion for Swindon.”

Many put Justin's large majority partly down to the fact that Labour stalwart Michael Wills stood down at this year's election, having held the seat since 1997.

Victor Agarwal said: “Michael Wills has been an excellent MP for North Swindon and I hope Justin carries on that tradition.

“I only came in in January and I got nearly 16,000 votes, I thank them all.

“And like all good people, I'll be back.”

This now means that both Swindon seats have gone to he Tories for the first time in the town's history.

Since the town was split into two constituencies back in 1997, both members of parliament have always been Labour.

Swindon was seen as a crucial seat for the Conservatives and they have secured an impressive victory here.