BUS services in Swindon will be shaken up this month after the cutting of a number of routes.

Thamesdown Transport is making changes to its services, which will take effect from Sunday, July 25.

The company said the move was necessary because of Swindon Council’s decision to withdraw funding for three of Thamesdown’s routes.

It said it was unable to continue with the services in their present form and was reorganising some routes and diverting others in a bid to minimise the impact on customers.

Paul Jenkins, Thamesdown Transport’s managing director, said: “We carried out on-bus surveys to provide us with up to date information regarding the use of our Buses and we have made every effort to ensure the new services will continue to meet the needs of our customers as far as possible.

"Unfortunately, the withdrawal of funding on services 15, 18 and 23 has left us with no option other than to make these changes.”

Earlier this year it was announced that a number of bus routes operated by Thamesdown and also Stagecoach would be cut or altered due to funding drying up.

Swindon Council pointed out that the number 18 service was financed through section 106 money, which is promised by housing developers as part of their planning permission being granted.

The council said the bus company would have known for some time that this money would run out on a specific date.

Funding was also withdrawn for the 74/75 until Gloucestershire County Council stepped in to save it and the bookable door-to-door V bus looks set to go too.

A council spokesman said: “Swindon Borough Council provides money to run a large number of bus services that aren’t commercially viable, but budget pressures mean some tough decisions have had to be made about which ones to support in future.

“The pressure on funds has been increased by the concessionary bus fare scheme for the over-60s, which the last government told councils to put into operation.

“Swindon Council now has to spend between £300,000 and £400,000 a year to meet the cost of the scheme, which is money that could otherwise be used to fund other transport services.”

Details for passengers

1A Evening service has been revised and will now run every 45 minutes after 8.30pm.

2 Evening service has been revised and will now run every 40 minutes after 8pm.

15 Revised timetable, now operating every 20 minutes between Fleming Way and Haydon Wick. Abbey Meads now served by service 24. The evening service has been withdrawn.

15A New service every 20 minutes between Fleming Way, Northern Road, Akers Way, Taw Hill, Oakhurst, Redhouse and Haydon Wick, replacing service 18.

16 Minor timing changes.

17 Minor timing changes.

18 Existing service to North Swindon has been withdrawn. Taw Hill, Oakhurst and Redhouse now served by new service 15A. Sparcells, Bridgemead and Hillmead now served by revised service 19.

19 Revised to operate every 30 minutes from Sparcells via Peatmoor, Shaw, Link Centre, Bridgemead and Outlet Village to Fleming Way. Service between Fleming Way, Park South and Great Western Hospital renumbered service 18.

21 Buses will now leave from Stop E on Fleming Way.

22 Rerouted via Devizes Road, Goddard Avenue and Okus, terminating at the Link Centre. The extension to Taw Hill is withdrawn.

23 Revised to operate between Fleming Way, Walcot East, Coleview and Stratton Park. Old Town and Okus now served by revised service 22.

24 No longer serves Ash Brake or Kembrey Park. Rerouted via Abbey Meads and most journeys will call at Kembrey Inn. Journeys towards Blunsdon now leave from Stop E on Fleming Way. Journeys towards Great Western Hospital will now leave from Stop W on Fleming Way.

25 Timetable revised.

26 The 2.15pm departure from Fleming Way will run five minutes earlier at 2.10pm.

30 Buses will now leave from Stop U on Fleming Way.

46 Timetables revised.

48 Timetables revised.