TRUSTEES have been reassured that they would not be liable for any debts should Highworth Rec go under.

A number of present and former trustees attended the annual general meeting concerned that they could be personally liable for the debt accrued by Highworth Recreation Ground.

These concerns were addressed by the chair of the meeting Sally Williams who said that nobody will be liable for any debt and, if the worst comes to worst, the debts will be paid through the assets of the Rec.

Mrs Williams is also hoping that a new three-way agreement between Swindon Council, Highworth Town Council and the owners of the building will see the Rec start to leave its financial difficulties behind.

She said: “We are going to be able to take this forward now.

“The last thing that will happen is we’ll lose the Rec.

“If it does come to that we would be able to take the money out of the assets.”

This was backed up by Coun John Short who told the meeting: “The council would not allow it to happen.”

The financial situation in 2010 has been difficult due to income from swimming not reaching the anticipated levels linked with closures of the pool due to mechanical plant and teething issues.

The results of a survey assessing the solutions for Highworth Rec, which was sent out to households in Highworth, was also discussed. The survey, which was returned by just over 1,700 people, showed that there was a willingness for people to pay an additional precept to keep the rec open.

Nearly three quarters of the surveys returned said they would be prepared to pay the suggested £1.50 a month extra on the precept. There was less support for increasing admission prices.

Half of respondents would not support any increase, while the other half would accept a small increase.

There was also no consensus on the future management of the centre but the two options which did attract support were leaving it as a charitable trust or handing it over to the Swindon Council.