EMPLOYEES of a cosmetic shop have been racing to raise awareness of greyhounds safety.

Jodie Prescott, the manager of Lush, was joined by members of her staff as they raced down Canal Walk to highlight what they say is the plight greyhounds face.

All the employees were dressed up and had their faces painted as dogs.

They had race-type vests with the number 4,728 on, showing the number of greyhounds that disappear from racing in Britain every year.

Jodie said: “We are just trying to raise awareness of the treatment of greyhounds. We haven’t got a problem with the betting itself, it’s more the treatment of the dogs who race.

“Greyhounds live for 14 years but only race until they are three or four and after that they are not wanted so they are either put down or abandoned.”

The protests took place at stores nationwide and leaflets were handed out to members of public.

Jodie said: “We don’t want to push it into peoples faces, we are just trying to make more people who come into the store aware of what is going on. This is taking place at about 600 stores across the country.

“We have had a really good response from people who are really supportive – it’s surprising the amount of people who are aware of the problem but can’t do much about it.

“Hopefully, we can make a small difference to alert people to the problem.”

But the Greyhound Board Of Great Britain emphasised that it supports the Retired Greyhound Trust and donates more than £1.7m a year to it. Last year the trust re-homed more than 4,700 greyhounds and all board-licensed tracks work with re-homing groups.

In response to the protest a board spokesman said: “Greyhound racing is a well regulated sport enjoyed by millions of people. The welfare of the racing greyhound is, and will remain, central to the governing and regulatory body’s responsibilities.

“It is unfortunate that a high street brand has chosen to associate itself in a publicity drive with Greyhound Action.

“The majority of information provided by the company on its website in support of this campaign, which may have been supplied by Greyhound Action, is outdated and inaccurate.

“The Greyhound Board Of Great Britain meets regularly with responsible animal charities such as Dogs Trust and RSPCA, to ensure racing greyhounds are one of the most protected of all breeds.”