DISGUSTED Barry Humphries has spoken of his outrage after finding a nasty surprise in his chicken takeaway.

As he munched on his chicken meal deal from KFC he found what he thought to be a chicken brain, but has now been confirmed by the company as a kidney.

The self-employed block paver, from Drakes Way, was so sickened by his discovery in the KFC meal he bought at the Greenbridge Retail Park last Thursday that he is now considering legal action against the company.

A spokesman for the franchisee that operates KFC in Swindon said: “We always try to ensure the highest standards in all of our stores.

“However, on this very rare occasion, the chicken was not fully trimmed prior to cooking.

“We have contacted our suppliers, who have identified the item as a kidney.

“While there was no health risk, we agree that this is unsightly, and have apologised to Mr Humphries and offered him a full refund.”

Mr Humphries also claims he was forced to miss a few days work after he found the organ in his chicken but was even more annoyed when he claims the staff at the restaurant would only refund the amount he paid for the meal with no more recompense.

He said: “I am absolutely horrified that this could happen.

“It is clearly a chicken brain and no matter what anyone else says I know what I found.

“My stomach turned when I saw what it was – I always eat my chicken in the same way - by eating the skin then picking it off the bone and it fell out.

“I had to take days off work because I was feeling so sick and I have lost money. The company have only offered to give me the cost of the meal back and that is not acceptable.”

Mr Humphries went back to the store and says he was told he could have a refund on the entire order, which amounted £15, but he says that was not enough after the distress it has caused him.