SOME people in Swindon are so attached to their mobile phones they will not even be parted from them in death.

That was the finding of local law firm Withy King, which conducted a survey of some of the 10,000 wills in their Swindon strongroom.

People have actually made requests to be buried with their mobile phones.

Withy King solicitor Mandy Casavant believes the request is based on people's fear of being buried alive, which has similarities to the Victorian days when a bell on a string was the common way of ensuring the person was not dead.

The study also found evidence that Swindon folk will go to great lengths to ensure their beloved pets are cared for.

Ms Casavant said: "The question of animals is a very emotive subject and we came across variety of different requests.

"There have been wishes for pets to be buried with their owners or to have the pet's ashes kept alongside the testator at the end of their natural lives.

"People often want to leave money for their pet, but legally this is not possible as they are not human and as such cannot give a valid receipt for sums paid out from an estate."