AS INGRID Austin took a photo of her three-year-old grandson during an afternoon out, she never imagined it would get her into trouble.

It was after all just a snap for the family album.

But just as Nile prepared to say cheese an angry security guard told the 63-year-old, in no uncertain terms, that she was breaking Brunel Centre rules - and she must stop what she was doing.

Mrs Austin, of Bourton, near Shrivenham, said she was disgusted and has vowed not to shop in Swindon again.

"I just could not believe what he said," said Mrs Austin, who was out shopping last Sunday with her 39-year-old daughter, Sam Pragnell and her grandson.

"We had been in a few shops in the Brunel Centre when Nile saw the kiddie ride and asked if he could have a go.

"Nile was really enjoying himself. As we were watching, Sam said she wanted to take a picture of him so got her mobile phone but I had my camera with me so I took a picture of him."

But the innocent activity quickly turned sour.

"Imagine our surprise and consternation when we were approached and rebuked by a security person who told us in no uncertain terms that photography is not permitted in this area.

"I was so shocked, he was very rude.

"I just cannot see the reason why I was not allowed to take a photo of my own grandson.

"There were no shops in the background and it was obvious Sam and I were with Nile.

"Had we been taking photos of a sensitive military organisation I could appreciate this type of reaction, but of a child in a shopping centre is, in our opinion, pathetic.

"This really has put me off going to the Brunel Centre."

Mrs Pragnell, a web designer, who also lives in Bourton, said: "It was absolutely ridiculous.

"We were just taking an innocent picture and it ended up like this."

Brunel Centre director Nick-Beaumont Jones, said: "If any of our staff are rude to a customer then action is taken.

"In this case the lady has not made a formal complaint but I have spoken to the duty manager who was working that day and he assures me he has had strong words with the officer.

"I would be happy to meet up with the customer to discuss this and to determine if there needs to be any further action taken. There is no blanket ban on taking photographs in the Brunel Centre.

"But where children are concerned we do have to be careful.

"There is a rule which says we do not allow people to take pictures of children using their mobile phones.

"But obviously there are no rules to say people cannot take pictures of their own children."