IT WAS a surprise Christmas and early birthday present for Lee and Lucy Roberts when their son Isaac arrived two weeks early on Saturday.

The new-born had not been due for another two weeks and his parents did not want to know the sex before the birth but both were "over the moon" with their little boy.

And Isaac, who weighted 6lb 13oz, was only one of nine babies born on Christmas Day at the Great Western Hospital.

Dentist Lucy said she was preparing for Christmas at the couple's Priory Vale home when she started labour.

"He wasn't due for another two weeks and so I wasn't expecting it," the 31-year-old said.

"Then at 2am on Christmas Eve my waters broke. It must have been because I was stressing over cooking the turkey.

"It's great that he's arrived and he shares a birthday with his grandma.

"It was meant to be a quiet Christmas and the turkey is still in the fridge so we will have a delayed one when we get home."

Lee, an officer at RAF Lyneham, was 35 on Boxing Day said he was delighted to have a baby boy.

He said:"I'm just elated to have a little boy - he's Liverpool's latest fan.

"We both wanted it to be a surprise and I am over the moon. I had a little moment in the car park on the day."

Marie Hendry, of Taw Hill, also had an early surprise as her son Lucas Beau arrived four days early at 4.18am Christmas morning.

The assistant head teacher at South Marston Primary School, 32, said she loved children and was happy to have one of her own.

"It's a very extra special present," Marie, who has been married to her husband Chris for five years, said.

"I feel great - he was four days early so it was bit of Christmas luck."

Katrina Jones, of Gorse Hill, said her son Cameron had made Christmas very special.

Born at 5.52am on Christmas morning and weighing 7lb 13oz little Cameron is Katrina and boyfriend Ryan Hunt's first child.

She said: "It's nice actually to have a Christmas Day baby - it's quite special.

"He was due on December 20 and I was hoping it to be before Christmas.

"From now on Christmas will be a busy time of year I should think."

Insurance sales rep Marianne Head and her husband of four-and-a-half years also had to wait five more days for their second child to be born.

The couple from Hungerford have yet to give their new-born baby girl, who weighed 7lb 11oz, a name.

"I was ready for my Christmas dinner and she came along very quickly," the 26-year-old said. "We haven't got a name yet."