POPSTAR Alexandra Burke went All Night Long to prove she still has the X Factor.

The 2008 reality TV champ performed a selection of her hits to a sell out crowd at the Oasis leisure centre last night and whipped the crowd into a frenzy with her up-tempo tunes before reducing some to tears with her powerful ballads.

Her vocal ability left little doubt that she deserves her crown as one of the most successful artists to come out of the X Factor machine and rivals Leona Lewis when it comes to the range and quality of her voice.

Despite it being a seated event, only a fraction of the audience actually joined the ‘bums on seats’ brigade as fans stood for almost the entire performance – many enchanted with skills both vocally and physically.

Burke is that rare pop creation who can sing, dance and interact seamlessly with her fans – she didn’t rely on just belting out a repertoire of power ballads, nor did she invest too heavily in dancing away and shortchanging her audience with the number of songs she sang.

One of the highlights must have been when she performed a medley of Destiny’s Child songs complete with the original dance moves – something that the audience lapped up.

That section of the performance reached a climax when she sang Listen, the song which she duetted with Beyonce during the live finals of the X Factor.

She also sang the title song from her album Overcome directly to her two brothers who were sitting in the audience.

Supporting Burke was upcoming girl group PARADE, who provided the perfect pre-show performance and will no doubt soon take on the headline act for topping the chart.

The slick five-piece would naturally draw comparisons to chart toppers The Saturdays, but the new girls on the block had more of a rock edge to their performance and are definitely one to watch.

Overall, it is still crystal clear why Alexandra Burke not only won the X Factor but manages to stay on top of the pops.