IS it a UFO, is it a plane ?

No, it's the Cellular Ops building in West Swindon.

The spectacular shot of the building - officially known as Arclight - has won this week's Swindon Council and Advertiser competition and is now on display on the homepage of the council's website.

Coincidentally, as revealed in the Adver this week, the building has just been sold for an undisclosed sum after lying empty for three years.

It used to house Cellular Operations, a mobile phone service provider, which was closed down by new owners Vodafone three years ago, and it will now be converted into three offices.

It was taken by Carmel Palti, of Shaw, who spotted it while out in the area one night just before Christmas.

Mr Palti, 52, a software engineer, took the picture in the days when building - known affectionately as the Glass Cigar - was still occupied, and indeed a Christmas tree can be spotted.

He said: "It was a rainy night and I'd walked past once already.

"I saw the effect and went back for my camera. I left it on a slightly long exposure."

Mr Palti, who is married with two grown-up children, describes himself as keen amateur photographer, and said he liked the unearthly look of the picture.