SPEEDING drivers got a grilling from a panel of unforgiving youngsters as part of a police operation in South Marston.

Five children from South Marston Primary School were picked to talk to drivers who were caught exceeding the 30mph limit in Old Vicarage Lane and Highworth Road between 8am and 10.30am yesterday.

Officers from the rural north neighbourhood policing team also carried out speed checks in Blunsdon on Thursday and over the course of the two days issued 14 verbal warnings, three fixed penalty notices and one driver reached the points limit and must report to magistrates’ court.

One motorist, who refused to give her name, was caught doing 34mph and was asked why she was speeding and whether being confronted made her stop to think.

The 44-year-old businesswoman said: “I was running late for work and was in a rush but I made myself even later so I haven’t achieved anything.

“I should’ve left earlier and this has definitely made me think.”

Nine-year-old Jake, who walks home from school, said: “I think people shouldn’t speed because it could cause a serious accident.”

Harry, 10, said: “We showed them that they shouldn’t drive fast because it is dangerous.”

PC Marc Jackson, community beat manager for rural north, said: “The operation is in response to a highlighted concern from local residents and parish councillors in regards to vehicles speeding thorough the village at peak times.

“As a result it is one of the priorities for the neighbourhood police team to address in the rural north area of Swindon.

“The local school is situated on one of the busy roads, and at peak times children will often be walking through the village on route to school.

“Some areas of the village do not have pavements, so the children are at risk from speeding traffic as they have to walk on the road.

“They learned about stopping distances for vehicles at different speeds, understanding roads signs and identifying safe places to cross the road.

“Hopefully, the scheme made drivers stop and think for a moment about the potential risks they pose while driving at excess speed.”