POLICE are asking businesses to come forward with any CCTV footage they have which may show Sian’s movements.

Sian was seen leaving Old Town nightclub Suju in the early hours of Saturday but there has been no word from her since.

Det Supt Steve Fulcher, who is leading the investigation, said CCTV footage shows Sian talking to other people in the club, while separated from her friends.

He said: “She got separated from her friends because they were dancing with other people. She was with her friends until about 2.15am.

“There are some gaps in the last half-an-hour.

“She met other people in conversation and she appeared to be happy.

“We know when she left because CCTV shows her leaving alone.”

Police advised that there is a six-minute time delay on the time display on the CCTV footage.

Officers are also urging any business in or around the Old Town area which has CCTV to come forward to help piece together Sian’s movements.

The footage shows her coming down the stairs in the nightclub and leaving through the main entrance onto the High Street.