THE divisional commander for Swindon has thanked the public and press for their help in the hunt for Sian O'Callaghan.

But in a media briefing an hour ago, chief superintendent Steve Hedley said that there had been no great breakthrough.

"In relation to the searches at Savernake I thank the press in particular and the vast help from the public," he said.

"We have not found anything significant but as you know we have data on Sian's mobile phone.

"Over the last few days research in relation to this data has given us more specific areas to look at.

"We have got more of an idea of where to look first. These are hotspots within the six-and-a-half mile radius area.

"That is why we needed specialist officers to continue the search.

"The public have given us loads of information and we have had a huge response."

And he said that Sian's family were dealing with the situation as best they could.

"Sian's family are coping as any of us would - it is awful for them," he said.