THE MAN leading the investigation into Sian’s disappearance is one of the most experienced detectives in the county.

Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher, who is the senior investigating officer, has dealt with more than 50 major cases, including murder investigations, linked serious crimes and multiple homicides.

The 44-year-old, who has been a police officer for 25 years, joined Wiltshire Police seven years ago and before that served in Sussex.

He has been co-ordinating a team of around 140 officers in both the major incident rooms at Gablecross and the search parties at Savernake and around Swindon.

Here he answers questions on the investigation so far.

Q: How many officers are involved in total – in the major incident room, mobile police station, search teams at Savernake and Lawn?

A: 140.

Q: How many volunteers have come forward to help with searches?

A: Several hundred.

Q: How helpful is social media in a search for a missing person?

A: It is extremely helpful and we are grateful for those who have linked to our website to get the appeal out further afield.

Q: Would you encourage friends and family to get involved and how?

A: They can help by being vigilant and reporting any information they have, helping distribute posters and those who are fit and well helping with the searches.

Q: Have all business that Sian visited during the night offered their CCTV?

A: Yes they have all been very helpful.

Q: Sian visited two night clubs before she ended up in Suju. Can you name these places or confirm that they were Longs and Baker Street?

A: The Spot and Baker Street.

Q: She also had a meal – can you tell us at which restaurant?

A: The Harvester, on Drove Road.

Q: There are CCTV cameras on the outside of Suju nightclub. Does it show which direction Sian went before she went missing?

A: She went left (towards Wood Street).

Q: Do you believe Sian’s phone is still in the Savernake area?

A: There is no reason to believe that the phone has moved.

Q: Do you have any suspects?

A: We have active lines of enquiry which give me hope that we are getting closer to the truth.

Q: Are you looking at taxi drivers?

A: We are considering all parties who would have been in the area at the time of Sian’s disappearance.

Q: Why did police act so quickly in setting up a missing person appeal less than 24 hours after her disappearance?

A: The assessment was that Sian’s disappearance was so out of character and the fact that we reacted so quickly has given us the best possible chance of finding Sian.