TEACHERS at Sian’s former secondary school have spoken of her ‘bubbly and cheeky nature’.

Ruth Farrow, who taught Sian English at Dorcan Technology College, said her disappearance had ‘rocked the foundations’ of the town.

She said: “Sian was a lovely conscientious student, very popular with the other students.

“On the whole she was quite quiet, she wasn’t one to jump out and take the limelight, but I wouldn’t call her shy either. She had a bubbly, cheeky little nature.

“It has been really emotional and traumatic for anybody that knew Sian.

“I think this has rocked our foundations a bit, I don’t think there is anyone that hasn’t been touched by this.”

Director of expressive arts at the school, Kelly Matyla’s first job teaching in the UK was at Dorcan, and Sian was one of the first students she taught.

“She was really positive and really appreciated the fact that she had a proper drama teacher,” she said.

“She was keen to work hard and do her best in class, she took direction really well - a pleasure to teach, an excellent student.

“I actually ran into her about three weeks ago - it was nice to see her again and see how she had developed.

“She was in a really positive frame of mind and really happy.”