SEVERAL women in Swindon have gone missing over the last few years One is Sally Ann John, 24, of Nythe, who disappeared in September 1995.

A prostitute, she lived in Aylesbury Street and was last seen in the Manchester Road area on September 8.

A woman matching her description was seen looking at train timetables at Swindon railway station early in the morning of September 9.

Police interviews with close friends of Sally at the time revealed that she was keen to make a fresh start.

Interviews were also carried out with all prostitutes in the red light district of the town, and pubs and nightclubs were checked.

Appeals were also put out in towns where Sally worked, including Reading, Bournemouth, Bristol and Birmingham.

Speaking in 1998, four years after her disappearance, Sally’s mum, Lesley, said: “We think about her every day. A lot has happened since she has been away.”

Sandra Brewin, of Peatmoor, disappeared from her parents’ home in 1994 aged 21.

Her parents John and Nora believed their daughter’s problems began in June 1994 when she became penfriends with a man who was in prison in Oxfordshire.

Other missing person cases in the area where no body has ever been found include college worker Linda Razzell, 41, who disappeared from the town in 2002.

Linda, a mum-of-four from Pentylands Close, disappeared on March 19, 2002.

On that day, she is known to have parked her red Ford Escort in Alvescot Road, Old Walcot, after dropping her children at school.

Her husband, Glyn, was convicted of her killing but continues to protest his innocence.

The whereabouts of the young Vietnamese immigrant Thi Hai Nguyen, 20, have been unknown since she went missing from her temporary home in Swindon in June 2005. Locals assumed she had moved to London to seek work after arriving in the country in 2003.

Across the border in Gloucestershire, the body of Kate Prout has never been found after she went missing from her farm in 2007.

Her husband, Adrian, was found guilty of her murder last year.