JAMIE Cox can become a world champion, that’s the verdict of his new trainer John Costello.

The Swindon boxer is due back in the ring tonight after a 14-month absence when he faces Marcus Portman in a light-middleweight clash at London's O2 Arena.

And Cox's trainer Costello is confident he can follow the likes of Amir Khan and win a world title.

“I think we are going to see the best-ever Jamie Cox,” said Costello. “I will think I have failed him if we don’t win a world title together - he’s really that good.”

Cox has been out of the ring for 14 months after losing his licence because of an assault charge and due to the death of his father Tony.

But Cox's new trainer Costello believes the 24-year-old has learnt from his past mistakes and is now back on the right track to becoming a boxing great.

“I think over the last 12 months Jamie has grown a lot mentally. He has made mistakes, admitted that and he’ll never get sucked into that kind of temptation again. He’s now with us in Birmingham and he’s comfortable here. He fits in well with my son Tommy who he has known for years and to be honest Jamie is family to us. He’s away from Swindon and all the distractions so that can only be good for his boxing career.”

Costello, who runs Chelmsley Wood Boxing Club, also believes Cox’s decision to step up from welterweight to light-middleweight will benefit his career massively, adding: “I think Jamie mops up the division to be honest. For now a British title is our goal. He’s better conditioned at this weight, he’ll be stronger and faster. He won’t struggle to make the weight anymore so those problems are behind us know and he can eat properly.”

The pair’s relationship stems from when Cox turned professional with Richie Woodhall and Costello has actually been in his corner for each of his fights.

“I’ve known Jamie for a long time now and I’ve been in his corner for each of his fights,” added Costello. “I’ve seen him on the good nights and I’ve seen him on the not so good nights. I know his strengths and his weakenesses so we can definitely improve him.

“Jamie’s main downfall is that he’s prepared to take a shot to land one but I want that to stop. I want him to block that shot and then land his own. So we’ll concentrate on defence and keeping him on his toes. He is definitely going to improve.”

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