A STRONGLY opposed plan for three giant wind turbines is expected to draw up to 100 residents at a crunch meeting tonight.

Swindon Borough Council’s planning committee is to make a decision on whether to allow or refuse the trio of vast turbines at the Honda plant site, in South Marston.

If approved, the turbines would be the tallest structures in Swindon, clocking in at almost 400ft.

Campaigners are determined to ensure this does not happen.

Retired financial manager Des Fitzpatrick, 64, of Thornhill Road, South Marston, said: “It isn’t that we’re objecting to the concept of wind turbines. It’s the location they’re in.

“There’s nowhere else in the UK, or possibly the world, where there are three wind turbines of this size this close to people.

“The noise is a real concern. The flicker is an issue too. There are lots of people who live near these things and report the effects. They say at night it’s particularly bad. They say it’s a pulsing effect and they can feel the vibrations themselves. Some people have sold their houses because they can’t stand to be near them.”

He expects more than 100 people to attend the meeting, which takes place at the Civic Offices at 6pm.

Procurement manager Andy West, 44, of nearby Kingsdown Park, said: “People like myself initially support it because they hear: going green with wind turbines. “When they realise these things are about the size of the London Eye and would be 320 metres from their house they’re horrified.

“It’s not about not liking Honda or not wanting to go green or not liking wind turbines. It’s about inappropriate siting.”

Many other issues will be discussed on the night.

Other contentious topics include a proposal to build 152 homes on the site of the former Headlands School, in Cricklade Road, the extension of time for a planning application to turn the defunct old Aylesbury Street laundry site in the town centre into apartments, and a review of Redlands air strip, which has drawn fire from residents about noise.