UNION campaigners have unveiled documents which they say show a secret pay-cut plan and anti-union drive at Honda.

And yesterday, the car giant threatened to take out an injunction preventing the Swindon Advertiser from reporting the contents.

A newsletter being circulated by Unite, around 3,000 copies of which have been distributed to staff entering and leaving the compound, shows what appear to be slides in a company business presentation.

The slides appear to make reference to minimisng the influence of the trade union and reducing workers’ pay.

Honda has said it could not comment on the authenticity of the slides.

But the union insists that they are the documents which union representative Paddy Brennan was suspended for uncovering.

Mr Brennan remains on paid suspension pending a disciplinary investigation.

Regional organiser Jim D’Avila, said: “There’s no doubt these were produced by Associate Services Department, the human resources department at Honda.

“From a Unite perspective we’ve been working closely with Honda for nearly 10 years. We’ve had our ups and downs.

“We have had a long relationship with Honda, done some good business, and when the chips have been down we’ve not been afraid to make agreements that might not be that popular.

“At times there is the need to do things for the benefit of the business, and the benefit of workers.

“When you see things in an official company document, talking about minimising the influence of the union, we’re less than happy about that.”

He maintained that all Mr Brennan had done in discovering and passing on the documents was to ‘do his job’, and that his suspension was a case of ‘whistleblowing’.

“If employers do these things they shouldn’t be surprised if members pass them on to us. That’s what we’re in the business for,” he said.

In a statement Honda said: “In line with maintaining the integrity of Honda’s policies and procedures, we cannot comment on any document issued by a third party, or make any comment regarding any individual investagatory, disciplinary or grievance matters, as to do so may compromise or prejudice the process.”

When contacted for a comment about the leak, a spokeswoman for Honda threatened to seek a legal injunction preventing the Adver from printing the story.

She said: “This information is highly confidential.

“Printing it would be a breach of confidentiality and copyright.

“We are seeking legal advice and are considering issuing a writ and we may get an injunction.”

The Unite union fought off a de-recognition bid at the plant earlier in the year.

Currently, its representatives hold 12 out of 13 seats on Honda’s Associate Representatitive Council, which deals with pay and conditions.