SWINDON’S latest pop star has joined the big boys.

Josh Kumra has joined the likes of Kings of Leon and Beyonce by signing for Sony Records.

Twenty-year-old Josh has come a long way from singing in pubs across the town since he co-wrote and featured on the Wretch 32 song Don’t Go, which rocketed to the top of the charts in August.

The former Headlands pupil announced the signing of his first professional contract on Monday and hopes it will launch his career.

The last year had been a whirlwind following the success of his single but he knows this is where the hard work begins as he aims to make a name for himself.

Josh said: “I signed it last Tuesday but was not allowed to say anything until today.

“There was a mixed reaction when I signed.

“It was a huge relief and then it was the realisation that actually this is when the hard work starts.

“It has been difficult to get here and a lot of hard work and it is amazing to have signed a record deal. It is the end of two years’ hard work to get here.

“It seems like so much work has gone into it but now actually it is going to begin.

“To sign for a name like Sony is going to open so many more doors for me.”

Next year looks like it is going to be a big year for Josh with the launch of his first solo single expected in February and then he is hopeful of an album in the summer, which he is currently working on in the studio.

“The last year has been great on the back of the success that we had with Don’t Go.

“But that was not really my kind of music so I am looking forward to showing people my sound which is very different and I hope people like it.

“I am in the studio now working on new material.

“I have been working with people like Rebecca Ferguson, who was in the X Factor, so it is all going well.

“Then I am hoping to release an album next summer and possibly a tour, so 2012 is going to be a big year for me.”

Josh, who lived in Pinehurst, started his career in the acoustic duo Kicaberry and played in pubs in and around Swindon before relocating to London to help his career.

He has not forgotten about his fans back home though and last month returned to Old Town to play in front of a packed room at the Victoria in Old Town.

Josh is next hoping to be back in Swindon at a special charity gig at the Swindon Museum and Arts Centre on December 11 to raise cash for the Swindon Women’s Refuge.

“I want to say a big thank you to the people of Swindon because they are the people who supported me when I was just doing the pub scene,” he said. It will always be a part of me and I will be back performing.”

People can keep track of what Josh is doing and listen to his new single Call Off The Search which is expected to get its first play on Radio 1 this week by following him on Twitter @joshkumra.