FURTHER payroll problems have seen outraged temporary postal workers out of pocket over Christmas and New Year.

Casual workers have been beset by problems throughout their month-long tenure at Royal Mail distribution sites in the town and now some are complaining they are still owed two weeks wages.

It comes after the Adver broke the news last month that many temporary staff had initially been allocated the wrong shifts, were turned away at the gates and had trouble getting hold of Angard Staffing – the firm responsible for employing them.

But a spokesman for Royal Mail said everyone who should have been paid has been and any further enquiries should be directed to Angard.

Among those who have yet to be paid for the last two weeks of work is Richard Smith, of Rodbourne, who was based at Groundwell Industrial Estate.

He received a text on Friday from Angard Staffing which read: “No issues are able to be rectified at Royal Mail sites and POL vouchers are no longer being issued.”

The 63-year-old said: “It’s utter rubbish. I’m owed 88 hours and I don’t know if I’ll ever see the money.

“They tell us to ring Angard but you can’t get hold of them. My wife has to ring because I’ve got tinnitus and am hard of hearing – she was on the phone for nearly 20 minutes and all they said was the system had crashed.

“I’m lucky because my wife works and I just wanted a bit of money to keep the car running but there are others who really need that money for day-to-day things.”

Another worker who is angry with the way temps have been treated is 19-year-old Jamie Brewer, of Park South, who was expecting to receive £486, but on Saturday received just £40.

He said: “I needed the money to help pay rent and chip in for food to help my nan out as she’s not well. I’m owed for two weeks work but on my payslip it says I only worked seven-and-a-half hours. I’ve rung and emailed Angard so many times and never had a response.

“I think it’s disgusting – it’s not fair the way they have messed people about.”

Another worker, who asked not to be named, said when he checked his account he saw he had been paid – the paltry sum of one penny.

He said: “I’ve been paid but only one penny. They still owe me another £200 – it’s a joke.”

Royal Mail spokesperson Sally Hopkins said: “The vast majority of our temporary Christmas workers were paid on time.

“We are committed to resolving any outstanding pay issues for individuals as quickly as possible. Royal Mail is very grateful to our temporary Christmas workers.

“They have played an important role in delivering the nation’s festive mailbag. We apologise again for any difficulties caused by delays in payment.”