A FISHY diet during pregnancy could be the reason mum Gemma Tevendale has just given birth to a bouncing baby daughter who tips the scales at an impressive 12lbs 12oz.

Gemma, 26, of Moredon, stunned nurses at Great Western Hospital when her baby Suzie Valentina Gzowski was born two weeks and three days ago.

Suzie, who is already wearing clothes for three to six-month-olds, has certainly followed in the footsteps of Gemma’s and 25-year-old dad James’ other children, with Vincent, now six, weighing 10lbs 10oz at birth, and sister Violet, now four, born weighing 11lbs 2oz.

And Gemma says she has been told eating fish while pregnant could have contributed to her heavy brood.

“The midwife asked me if I had been eating fish during my pregnancy because that can contribute to heavy babies, and I said I had. But I wasn’t going over board with it or anything, but I do like fish,” she said.

“I’m not sure if it is the reason behind it all or not.

“When I was pregnant people thought I was having twins because I was so big. The midwife said she expected her to weigh 11lbs when she was born.”

And Gemma, who has given birth to all three children naturally, requiring no stitches, has described the labour of her third child as really easy.

“I wasn’t too scared because I knew I could deal with big babies.

“It was really easy and she was out in 44 minutes.

“The labour was easier than Vincent and Violet to be honest, and the pushing stage was quite easy.

“Her shoulders got stuck a bit though but that wasn’t too traumatic and James was cuddling me so I couldn’t see all the people around me.

“Having a Caesarean did go through my head, but I would rather not because it’s an operation and I wouldn’t want the scarring.

“The midwives were all shocked at how big she was – they took her around the labour ward to show her off.”

Mum and baby spent two nights in hospital before returning to their home in The Broadway where Suzie is now settling in with her family.

“She can just about squeeze in to the 0 to three month outfits we bought, but at the moment she is in three to six month clothes. We didn’t bother buying many newborn clothes.

“She is a really good baby, she is good with her feeds and everything but I don’t think we will have any more because three is a nice number now.”